We Will Continue to Use Premier Travel for Our Vacations for Years to Come.

By Leo and Jane A · Agent John Brawley · in Captiva Island, Florida

My family and I have used Premier travel several times in the past few years. John Brawley is very knowledgeable about any aspect of travel one could think of. A couple of years ago, my wife and I wanted to plan a real vacation... our first since our kids had been born. We were concerned about traveling with a three year old and an infant. So, the first time we called, we just had a few criteria: Straight flight (no transfers) no more than four hours in the air, and someplace with a beach and everything the four of us would need for a week. He had everything...I mean everything...set up for us on the first try.

We had such a great time at the South Seas resort on Captiva Island, Florida. I spoke to John about doing the trip again the following year. Which we did. This time we threw John a monkey wrench a few days before the trip. My mother had not been down to Florida since my dad passed away a few years before. I convinced her that she should go. She called John and he had her all set up with her own place, but near enough to us we could all enjoy the vacation together.
Finally, there have been occasions where I have been travelling for business. When I do this, I must arrange through our corporate travel agent. However, when I have problems (like everytime I go through O'Hare) I call John to find out if there is any way around it. Even if he can't do anything about it, he always lets me know why there are delays and how long they are lasting. It's nice to know you have a go to agency that is willing to offer help and advice at anytime. We will continue to use Premier Travel for our vacations for years to come.

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