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St. Patrick's Way: How to Follow in the Footsteps of Ireland's Patron Saint

about Great Britain, United Kingdom

There’s a real man behind the legend that gets us wearing green every March 17th. And you can go beyond modern St. Patrick's Day ‘shenanigans’ to revisit the life of St. Patrick on a journey connecting places in Northern Ireland...

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Top Street Food Experiences in Ho Chi Minh City

about Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

A trip to Vietnam is a feast for the senses, with exotic scenery, scents, sounds, fascinating history and culture. It’s also a literal feast. Vietnamese cuisine is a foodie favorite, and it doesn’t have to be high-end cuisine. In fact, one...

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Why January is the Best Month to Plan a Trip to Scotland

about Great Britain, United Kingdom

Ireland has St. Patrick’s Day, Scotland has…Robbie Burns Day. Scotland’s most celebratory day is in honor of its national poet. If everyone’s a little bit Irish on March 17th, then on January 25th, the date of Robert Burns’ birthday in...

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These 3 Cities are the 2024 European Capitals of Culture

about Eu, France

The EU’s Capitals of Culture program was designed to showcase the cultural riches of European cities that might not otherwise get the attention they deserve. Every year, new cities are designated that represent the incredible diversity of Europe’s landscapes, history,...

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"Hoppy" News: UNESCO Lists Czech Hops Landscape as World Heritage Site

about Czech Republic

The Czech Republic is already a bucket-list destination for beer lovers, with a beer culture dating back to the 10th century, and continuing today, with renowned brewing traditions and iconic beer styles.  Pilsner Urquell, the world's first pilsner lager, was born...

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This UNESCO Site Just Got One Step Closer... to Completion

about Barcelona, Spain

Did you know there’s a UNESCO World Heritage Site that isn’t even finished yet? Many churches in Europe are World Heritage Sites… but most of them are hundreds, even a thousand years old. Only one of them is still under...

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Why Belfast is the Best Place to Experience the Legend of the Titanic

about Belfast, United Kingdom

Wait, Belfast? Part of the legend of the Titanic? The most famously-doomed passenger ship tale of all time? Wasn’t she a British ship, sailing from Southampton to New York, that struck an iceberg and capsized over a century ago? How...

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3 New Attractions That Bring New Perspective to Hong Kong's British-Era History


While travel was paused during the pandemic, Hong Kong kept evolving. Three attractions give new and returning visitors fascinating insights into the city’s British era. Two reinvent an iconic Hong Kong experience, and the other provides visitors access to a...

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The Wine Region You Can’t Miss on a Danube River Cruise in Hungary

about Hungary, Hungary

King Louis XIV of France called it the ‘wine of kings, the king of wines,’ but remarkably, this Hungarian wine remains under the radar for many wine lovers today. For over a thousand years, Tokaj wines were served to royalty,...

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More Than 150 New ‘Nazca Lines’ Discovered in Peru

about Peru

This ancient wonder of the world just keeps getting better – and more mysterious. Researchers have recently discovered 168 more geoglyphs carved into the ground in the Nazca region of Peru, three hours south of Lima. Like the 358 other Nazca...

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How These Hotels in Japan are Celebrating Cherry Blossom Season

about Japan

Early spring in Japan spells ‘sakura,’ or cherry blossom season, when the entire country is awash in the lacy, pale pink blooms on millions of cherry trees lining rivers, avenues, mountainsides and park walks. A culture obsessed with seasonality values perhaps...

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Hong Kong Wants to Buy You a Drink - and Toast its East-Meets-West Culture

about Hong Kong, Hong Kong

Hong Kong’s doors are open to visitors again, and to celebrate, it’s offering travelers who come to the city in 2023 some ‘welcome back’ perks – plus, it’s unveiling a host of new and resuming cultural events and attractions. “Hello...

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